My post got deleted at CSDB, so I put it here.

I screwed up a trainer in my release of MAH+2M.

I forget the exact wording for my comment on CSDB but it was basically:
I’m embarrassed a bit.
Shit happens, it wont be the last mistake I ever make…
The game is confusing and the manual would take ages to read and digest.¬†and I’m sure i got deleted due to me wrapping up with:


Which is a poor ascii rendition of the middle finger…
Big deal, lighten up…

In the future, I’ll use a code word, how about “rutabega”. When I say it, you’ll know I’m giving you the finger :)
p.s: hey mod, rutabega!

It’s all arrived and has been put together!

The two cases from Dallas Moore came in today: red and transparent.


I couldn’t decide which case I liked best for the C64Reloaded board, but I think the pics below will show you what worked best for me :)





I think it’s a thing of beauty!